Reflect'o Face Masks MIX Pack Of 4

Reflect'o Face Masks MIX Pack Of 4

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 *Email if you would like to choose which particular masks you would like after purchase, otherwise I will surprise you. :D

An assortment (*from the entire range) of face masks with soft cotton lining and Reflect’o on each cheek. 4 masks of various colours and designs. Wear the mask pointy side up. If you want the mask to fit a child or a really small head, simply tie a knot in the elastic to resize it.

Mask elastic can either be worn around the head for comfort so it doesn't hurt your ears after a long day of use or the elastic can be cut and tied around your ears. 

Some people need the mask to go around their head if their ears are lower than average or lopsided. These masks give you a choice. It's up to your preference.

Another advantage of the mask elastic going around your head is that you can wear it around your neck, which is a good place to store it when you don't need it as much (i.e. walking in the open air). Then it is readily accessible when you go into a supermarket.

Handy to help remind you not to touch your face and helps to keep your germs to yourself.

Keeps your face warm cycling on a bike too :D

Washable, reusable product. 

*now made with soft black elastic, not white.


Please note this face mask cover has not been tested to medical-grade standards. We also recommend washing it after daily use in temperatures above 60°C. Or for a longer-lasting reflective wash in cold water and dry in direct sunlight.