Look at me! HEY REFLECT’O cycling gear is eye-catching, breathable, durable and very reflective. The fluro, bright fabric keeps you obvious by day and funky Reflect'o ensures you stand out at night. It's high vis meets high fashion. 


  • Fluro fabric glows outdoors under the sun's UV rays which is particularly useful during dawn/dusk and overcast days when visibility is low. 

  • Ethically made in Australia by Lisa Penney and a team of local tailors and printers.

  • Reflective art is cut out, applied by hand, then fused on to the fabric. 

  • Reflective shapes are visible from a great distance and peripheral angles.

  • All zipper vests have a strong zipper closure and waistcoats are fastened with two very secure snap fasteners.

  • Designed with enough room to be worn over clothes and jackets.

  • Can be worn over waterproof gear. Very fast drying.

  • Breathable, lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric.

  • Soft enough for comfort, tough enough for hardcore riding.

  • Soil-release finish for easy cleaning.

  • Quality, high end, fashion sewing ensures the vests durability. Each vest is individually crafted with care so they will last for years.

  • Mesh lining is lightweight yet strong, and functions to carry everything put inside the pocket. Perfect for transporting your phone, keys, bike lights, wallet, snacks, etc.

  • The printed vests use special inks which are fade resistant.

  • Fabric off cuts are used to make scrunchies, face masks and cat collar covers to help eliminate fabric wastage. 

  • All printed vests are now made from fabric which is made from recycled plastic bottles.

  • Collaborations with other talented artists keeps the Reflect'o designs exciting and fresh.

  • Fabric off cuts are used to make scrunchies, face masks and cat collar covers.

  • Helps you to be visible on a bicycle, scooter, motorbike, skateboard, horse, wheelchair and while walking and running and more...


Stand out and be SEEN.

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